Is it possible to change the fonts color and size in V4 Ticket Lister?

Hi, guys.

just wondering is it possible to change the fonts color and size in V4 Ticket Lister? or is just available in V5 version?

if yes can you explain how can i do it .

Thanks a lot.

Its only available in version 5.

EDIT: let me rephrase that. The nice multi colored screenshots you have seen are v5 only. There is some limited ability to edit font size etc in v4 but not like the screenshots you have seen posted recently.

If you look at the Ticket Lister settings you see a Font Size option but colors and extended size options is for v5 only through custom tags like <color></color> which work directly through the printer template.

PS: Version 5 has a 500 ticket unrestricted trial mode. I recommend you try it out and try some of the new tutorials and configuration tasks. I think you might decide its worth the money.

Thank you for your quick reply. its very helpful for me.


do you know how can i display the total unpaid amount in V4 ticket lister?

This right here is worth $99 for the license if you ask me. This is a beautiful kitchen screen possible only in v5.

Yes, it look quite cool. i will download the V5 and have a try. also is the v4 backup file work for V5 as well?

Read here for some instructions on importing your v4 setup without compromising the original database.

The screenshot I posted is an advanced setup and a Tutorial is being written but not released just yet. But I showed it to you so you can see why version 5 is worth the money because a setup like that is only possible with v5.

Version 5 has a HUGe amount of advanced features and if you study it and learn it you can do some Really crazy things not possible in version 4.

BTW Start here it has some very good links to starter tutorials with v5.

Thank for all your information. im very appreciated it.

i have one more question,can i display the total of unpaid amount in the ticket lister just like the screenshot i have attached it this post? if yes how can i do it ?

Ok that is entirely different but to understand your need are you planning to use Ticket Lister as a Kitchen Screen? or are you using it for something else?

i want to create a unpaid ticket list and with the total amounts.because i have two payment methods for my delivery orders. one is cash on delivery, the other one is pay by card. for the cash on delivery method the driver will collect all the money first and the will be give it back to me at the end of day. the reason why i want to have amounts of the total unpaid tickets, is because i dont need to check back the unpaid tickets one by one, i just need to check the total unpaid amount is it same with the driver collect from the customer.

sorry for my English, hope i have explain it clear for you

The Ticket Lister Widget does not support summing Ticket Totals from separate Tickets, even in V5.

However, V5 has other Widgets such as the Label Widget that can be used to display a Total of Unpaid Tickets. This could be placed above or below the Ticket Lister Widget to give you a summary line including all kinds of information, including summed Unpaid Ticket Totals, Unpaid Ticket Counts, Order Counts, etc.

Besides using the Label Widget, you also require other features only in V5 to be able to derive those sums and counts. This is not at all possible in V4.

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Thank you for your help. think i should upgrade to V5 and have try first. :grinning:


I think you will like that decision. Please remember to look through the Welcome thread I posted and be sure to look at V5 Tutorials category. Be patient and read as much as you can. The more you read and try the better familiar you will get and soon you will be implementing stuff we havn’t even thought about yet :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah sure, BTW Sambapos is a great software. :grinning:

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