Is it possible to "void" without voiding?

Hello Samba universe. I check my item sales reports at different times during the night as many do I imagine. Lately an hour before we close it will have a value of say 1500$ often times I go to bed and in the morning it will drop. This example is around 1380$. I go to the voids and only see 1 maybe 2 but small. a couple dollars each. Nothing that adds up to 100$+ Is it possible to “void” orders and it not show up on the work period report. My staff is good and I trust them but this looks super fishy. Any thoughts?

The Void button will set a GStatus Void State by default, so no, you cannot Void something and have it not show up, unless you have altered the default settings. Gifting works the same way, more or less. However…

Does your staff have access to back-end Management section?

Do you have the “Re-open and Cancel Payments” automation?

Are you looking at the Sales section or the Income section? They are different things entirely.

Show screenshots of your Report indicating the discrepancy from the night before and the next day.