Is there a way to delete database older than this year?

I have been using this database for a few years now. It is getting too big. I would like to delete database from earlier years. I should have done that at the end of fiscal year (Dec 31) but I forgot.

Now, the problem is not all tables have Timestamp. I can’t use WHERE DATE < XXXXXX.

Any idea how to do that?

If your using SQL it should make no difference to performance, where you having issues?
Pretty much no is the answer, you cannot selectively delete transactions for obvious reasons.
You can clear all transactions with database tools.


I backup everyday and keep it for at least 2 weeks so, it use a lot of space. :slight_smile:

That type of storage can be easily offloaded though, to a nas or cloud storage…
Old transactions should have limited effect on the actual SQL performance.