Is there a way to hide report tile from start screen?

If you put it back and restart SambaPOS it will come back.

And the reports saved while the .dll was deleated will be there ?

I never would have thought to try that haha. @draid you can also make it so your users cannot access main menu at all. They would just have access to POS and would not be able to see Main Menu. Just wanted to point that out in case you did not know that.

Reports saved? If you mean saving reports to files by Save Report action of course it won’t work. Better create your backups, try it and see yourself what will happen :slight_smile:

btw, @Jesse’s suggestion is also a good idea. It can be done by disabling Navigation Screen permission.

I mean the reports that are saved in report section. When i delete the .dll the tile for the reprots dissapears, but is the reports still work correct. I mean when i delete the .dll, make some tickets, then at the end of the day i put back the .dll can i check the reprots from that day. I hope u understandd what i mean.

I’ll try it.

IT sounds like using Roles and creating users that do not have access to main menu would serve your needs more efficiently. That is a lot of work just for preventing someone from seeing a report. If you feel they need access to main menu for some reason you can just disable the ability for them to click on Reports button. Even tho they would see the button on the screen they would have ZERO ability to actually access any reports or view them.

Personally I only allow my employees to see and operate the POS screen. In the case that my employee needs to pull up a previous ticket I allow them to view the ticket viewer from a custom entity screen and it is mapped to its own department. This allows them to view tickets without having to navigate to Ticket Explorer using main menu. They simply click on Ticket Explorer department button.

Yes that is one option. I dont want to prevent employees to see the reports. I want to prevent other people to know that there is such option in the program even if they demand to log in with administrator acc. In some case of audit for example.

Ok now it makes more sense why you want to do this. I was struggling with why you would want this.

But now i foud that there is information about sales in Account and Ticket section …

I am really not sure why you are trying to do what you are describing… it sounds almost illegal… I do not know what your laws are there… but that is something I do not think any POS is going to support natively. YOu will find it difficult to do that.

EDIT: To be honest what you are describing sounds like a POS solution is the last thing you would want. POS is designed most importantly to automate the business and track those very things you trying to hide.

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I dont want to disable those functions i just want to hide them. Its not illegal, after all u have a cash register for all sales.

I guess I am still struggling with the logic behind why you are wanting this. It sounds counter productive I can not think of a good reason to hide all of that in the manor your describing. I would want it hidden from employees which you can do…and that makes sense… but you said Even if they demand logging in as administrator… that sounds strange to me.

Who do you not wanting the ability to see your data? If its employees or customers you can simply say No I will not log in as administrator for you. If its a government official then they are doing it for a purpose and if you are hiding information from that purpose then that sounds illegal.

I could be completely wrong… can you help us understand your process completely of why you want this feature

PS I am not accusing you of doing anything illegal… I do “under the table” stuff for some of my employees sometimes myself… every small business owner weighs that. But what you are describing is a little different.

If its under the table type stuff… and you do not want to have risk of audit… then I would exclude it from the POS completely. It gets complicated when you automate your business and then try to mix things like this in.

LoL @draid if it is the case I don’t think they’ll believe “your POS don’t have reports” and leave your computer stuff there :slight_smile: At least in our country …

Its not so complicated. Only goverment can demand such thing but iam not the person who will grand them access to my stuff. I just dont like it. In one side in for the goverment 99% of “under the table stuffs” are illegal, maybe not specific illegal but you can get a penalty for that. In our country and i guess in most countries we use a cash register which one is directly connet via modem to government financial deparment. Even when i use POS software i must print the bill via cash register, or iam in big trouble. The only thing i want is to use the software for managment, but i dont want them to have access to my stuffs.

They can get the pc if they want, but ill store the database on other pc, so they will get nothing. I know it sounds illegal, but i have some personal atitude for those peoples in our country.

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You will find it nearly impossible to do what you are describing. That is exactly opposite of what a POS system is really meant to do. You should reconsider if you really want to use POS or not for that situation. It sounds like you just need a cash register linked to a ticket printer for your kitchen and you should manually record your accounting and physically hide it.

Or you will need to find someone to code you a specific solution for that purpose. POS software will not behave how you are describing and it really shouldnt.

The way with .dll deleting is perfect for me, the problem is in that there are same information in tickets, and acount sections. Its not a problem for me to copy the .dll back to use those reports.

You will NOT be able to hide all of the information your wanting to hide… it is simply impossible and it should be. If using a POS solution that information is going to be there. You will not be able to fully hide that information its just not designed to operate that way.

There is only 1 way I can think of… but it would eradicate all of your information and you would NEVER be able to retreive it. YOu could setup an automated task to erase transactional data after every order… But then what is the point? You would not be able to track inventory, sales, or anything… your better off just using a cash register.

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Yeah i saw that i cant delete the both .dll’s especialy the ticket one. I’ll think for another solution. I really like this software.

You would not want to do this by deleting the DLL you WILL causing problems doing this. What I was describing is a SQL script with automated commands to execute.

Your just not going to be able to do what you want in a POS solution. What you need is not really a POS solution what you need is a custom enhanced cash register application.

PS What you are describing would make me reconsider if I even wanted to run a business. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a similar question can we remove the samba market from the .dll.

the thing is once i installed sambapos and activate all the modules can i remove the samba market .dll from there and still be able to use them.

i have tried with permission its still remains there?