Is there a way to lock the full screen?

I mean can I allow only some users to access to the rest of the PC? I don´t want the waiters to be allowed to minimize SambaPOS and get access to other stuff.

Yes ill get you link to tutorial

You can actually lock the computer down to where the ONLY thing they would have access too is Samba even if they did minimize it…

Thank you very much. I didn´t know that Kiosk Mode in English was the same as full screen. That´s why I couldn´t find the tutorial.

The way that I have mine setup is :-
just realised that this may not be available in windows 7 or above and possibly only in server edition :blush:

In SambaPOS role setting the staff users have the ‘can restore full screen’ unticked
in windows user account for the particular users - under the ‘Environment’ tab I have ‘start the following program at logon ticked’ and the full path to Samba.Presentation.exe

When a user logs on to remote desktop SambaPOS automatically starts! and when a users quits out of SambaPOS then this also logs the user out of the windows session.

Users cannot access anything else on the remote desktop pc at all

Hope that helps