Is there any way to create an alias to product names?

Hi, what I need to do is to have 2 different names for meals and order tags, one that will be printed in the kitchen (abbreviations) and another one (full description) for the ticket/bill.


I believe I found it for the products, using the custom product tags. :slight_smile:

I need to know if there is something similar for ticket tags…

You can go onto the order tag list and enter the name of the tag as an abbreviation and the header as the full name

i dont print my order tags on my customer receipt so it doesnt matter what name i give my order tags. If you need to print the full names for the order tags on the final receipt then this wont work

Yes, I need to print the full name for the customer and an abbreviation for the kitchen.

Im not sure how you would do that. Did you get the product abbreviations done through product tags?

Yes, I’m testing it now and I believe it will do the job for the products, no big deal. Now I need something similar for the order tags or if there is a way to print those headers if it is not possible we can live with it :confounded:

Product/Item Tags is what you want.
You print the product name on the customer ticket and in place of product name used {ITEM TAG:x} on the kitchen template.

Have a look on the forum for solutions to print multiple languages for orders :wink:

Yes, that is what I’m testing now, but what about order tags?

Use the Description field in the Order Tag list, then put in your Template:

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Excellent, I will test it and then if I can I will post all the setup screens and the printer templates.