Is there any way to remember customers choice?

I would love if SambaPOS could suggest me the usual choices of a specific customer. Is that possible?

Natively this is not a built-in feature to present to you or remind you of previous choices, although you can Search Customer Tickets for previous Orders.

I’m certain something could be set up through Automation. Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple different ways to achieve this:

  • Entity Custom Data Field(s)
  • Ticket Tags

These would be 2 different approaches, where in the first you could store Menu Items in the Custom Data Field(s), and in the second you could Tag a Ticket with a Customer Name.

Either scenario would require more thought on desired behavior and exact implementation details, so you need to think about what you have to work with, and how you want the choices displayed.

Thank you @QMcKay for your answer. I will look around those ideas!