Is there anyway to add a special note for a customer to display when selected?

I am wondering whether there is a way to display a special note to when a customer selected on delivery screen?

It can be a bad customer who we dont want to accept his/her order or the opposite, it could be a very loyal customer that we want to reward.

Thanks in advance

Yes, you could store your not in an entity custom field then how you display is up to you, many ways it could be done and plenty of events. Most likely i guess would be ticket entity changed and a ask question or show message prompt using {ENTITY DATA:xxx} expression. Guess with a != “” on the rule so it only shows if there is a value set for the entity.

Like this ?

Also you can show this info on the Caller Id Popup …

Yes exactly like this.How can I do this. Keep in you mind I am a complete novice but keen to learn…:smile: