ISSUE! Error while entering Price List Editor

When I enter Price List Editor screen SambaPOS shows error.

I added Price definition, after deleting it shows error. Added same definition again and it works. But I want to delete it from. Editing also not resolved problem. Help plesae.

This issue was fixed with v5… v4 will no longer receive updates.

So, for not facing with any error, I shouldn’t delete it, yes?

Yes you shouldn’t delete it. Or upgrade to v5.

EDIT: I just tested this in v4 and it seems to allow me to delete it just fine. Let me do another test I may know what you can do.

EDIT2: Yes its letting me delete it just fine…Show a screenshot of the Price Definition so I can copy it and try to reproduce it.

There is mention of a issue fixed in v5 where it crashed if deleting price definition… so likely there may not be much we can do still but wont hurt to try.

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