Issue:Some order missing intermittently from kitchen print out

I’m experincing this strange issue, some items are missing from the kitchen docket intermittently. I could not figure out why?

One on the left is the customer receipt, the kitchen docket is on the right.

As shown on the customer receipt, and SHD and Chips are in one order group, and (CK) in a different group, for grouping purposes on kitchen docket.

Any help is much appreciated, we have to revert to paper base operation currently:(


This is the print template for Kitchen Docket

<C11>Order number
<J00>[=FD('{TICKET DATE}','dd/MM/yyyy')]  [=FF('{TICKET NO}','######000000')]|{TIME}
[<J00>Subtotal|${PLAIN TOTAL}]
<J00>Total|${TICKET TOTAL}
[<J00>Change|${CHANGE TOTAL}]


[ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT TAG:Order Group:Burgers,Shakes,Others,Fronts]
<C00>======= {GROUP KEY} =======

<J00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME} [='\<{ORDER TAG QUANTITY}\>']



<J00>Discount|{DISCOUNT TOTAL}




Show print job, action for print job execution, and your rule for printing tickets

I might be related to this posting that was resolved.

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Thanks @Jesse, have added the screenshots below.

I have made the change in the post suggested by na1978. Kitchen dockets have not missed anything so far today, will see how it goes in the next few days.

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Likely what he suggested was the fix you needed. Let us know if something comes up.

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I had this issue also, for the time being, just ensure to close order tag menu before making a print or settling a ticket for it to print everything.

Ignore selection seems to have fixed the problem :slight_smile: