Issue with file in use (Loop)

Is there anyway to control files in use by Samba. I’m trying to use my barcode script to update the temporary file, but for some reason Samba is locking it up when I start the loop process. This does not happen if I execute a single print. It overwrites just fine.

Output file can’t be opened error

Works Fine

Maybe the loop is too fast.

It looks like its something else. I did a print a while ago and the file is still locked out. Whats causing this?

It’d be a bummer to have to create a new file for each ticket and set a local variable to use in the template.

Might be worth looking at. Free api driven barcode generator.

I will create a request in redmine for better barcode support in html or document printer templates. I can’t promise anything we have our hands full with projects.

I’m a little hesitant to use free APIs for a primary function. The local version works great and has a ton of custom options.

Honestly, I’d rather your team focus on other things. This isn’t that vital and there are other options/solutions.

I went ahead and changed the process to create a new file each time and set a schedule task to clear those out at the end of the day. This works fine now.



@echo off
if not exist "C:\Barcode\images\%1.png" (
cd C:\Barcode
zint.exe --height=%2 -o C:\Barcode\Images\%1.png -b 8 -d "%1"


del *.png