Issue with images, shows box outlline

Hey guys im new here, and would like to try our samba 4 and if i like it purchase 5…

One thing im having issues with though is that the samba software has no images but boxes?

any fix?

Can you clarify exactly what you are experiencing here? A screenshot would help.

I’d suggest you just download v5 and try that since v4 hasn’t received any updates now for over a year. v5 will work in trial mode fully up to 500 tickets to allow you to evaluate and see if it’s right for you.

I just uninstalled and got 5… still getting outlined boxes instead of images
im on win 7 btw

What do you mean no images? Are you talking about the main menu buttons?

If so you need to accept the font installation as part of the samba file. Try running it again ensuring youre logged in as an administrator, and try right clicking the installation file and select to run as admin

End the end of the installation ensure you download the font


Ah! That was it… My fault. Thanks!