Issue with printing Ticket

Anyone can help me in this issue (in the picture)?

how can I print on all the paper widely?

Change the line character count in your printer template/printer settings

I changed it, but still didn’t print on all over the paper

how can I fill this part?

Check the paper size in Windows drivers.

Looks like character count is off.

I checked it, it’s 71 mm, I think is correct

Thank you, how can I fix it???

show screenshot of your printer (Main Menu->Manage->Printing->Printers->Your Printer)

How about try generic text printer driver.

I think the generic text printer print on all the paper, but the template is not like this, can I change the template of generic text printer?

note that when I print test page on the print, everything ok, I think the problem is in the configuration.

The text seems too wrap to a new line rather than expanding the entire width of the paper

Try char count 48. Also check printer drivers because that looks like it’s only 58mm

I put a pound on it being drivers set to 58mm on 80mm paper :wink:


No, it is your printer driver or print setting in your driver.
A lot of ppl use generic text printer driver and have no problem with it.

how can I use generic text printer driver?