Issue with printing to text file for Drive-Thru Display


I am trying to get samba to update the ticket in a text file everytime that anything is updated in the ticket. So I added a couple rules to execute my print job when Order Added, Order Canceled, Order Tagged, Order Untagged, and Portion Changed.

Now everything works perfectly besides when a second item is tagged. So I add the 1st item and tag it, and it shows the item and its order tags in the txt file fine. Now I add another item and that also shows the receipt fine with all items as it should. Now the problem happens when I tag that second item, all of the other order items in the .txt file dissapear and it shows only the order item tagged and its tags. Then when I add another order item it all shows fine until I tag the item and then again same process only shows that item tagged until I add another item.

I tried to manually press the Print Bill button in which I linked to print to the .txt file and that does not have the issue. I noticed that the Print Bill Rule has a few actions besides the execute bill print job including lock ticket, update entity state, update ticket state, and close ticket. I am under the impression that those are causing it to update properly.

Enable Ignore Selected Orders setting on Execute Print Job action.

Thanks, that fixed it. :slight_smile:

I plan on putting a display in the drive through to always show the orders to the customer, by your programming knowledge is this an efficiant way of doing it.

I have samba writing to the html file everytime something in the order is changed (only for the drive thru terminal) then I have that text displayed in a html webpage through wamp webserver. I plan on running chrome on an intel nuc on full screen with live.js to update it automatically. Do you see this as a good solution? Do you think it will perform good without me having to visit the site every week because chrome isnt update or has crashed or will samba be able to handle writing to a text file everytime that a order tag or item is added or removed?

Either way I will be testing this as I see it as an awsome solution that I have only seen the big companies achieve like mcdonalds. I will be posting my findings and a tutuorial soon as I am done.