Issue with sub order tag matching


@emre I’ve noticed in 5.2.14, when I use sub order tags (using . in order tag name), if an order tag name exists in another order tag, the sub order tags are shown for both of them and not only the one that has been clicked. For example…

For all the Chicken Options order tag group, I have the same sub order tags setup per order tag…

For example, they are defined as follows…

This works fine, except for Leg and Breast - Leg also shows all the sub order tags for Leg Wings, and Breast shows all the sub order tags for ALL Breast. It appears to be down to the way they are being matched.

For now, I have been trying to find a workaround, but adding a space after Leg or Leg Wings (as well as all sub order tags, e.g. Leg .Lemon) messes it up and it shows sub order tags at the top level. I’ll try other characters for the moment until a fix is available.


Managed to get a workaround for the moment - add a “non breaking space” character (Alt+0160 on keypad) works for adding a “space” after Legs and Breast and stops the other sub order tags from showing.


This is how it designed. When suffixes are used an order tag name shouldn’t start with another tag name in the same group. I tried to resolve that once but broke some other case when it used with prefixes.

Your solution is great :slight_smile: