It Possible to create a report that center all of the items that the customer Registrar?

It Possible to create a report that center all of the items that the customer Registrar?

For example:
Mor stay for 5 nights and eat 6 tims.
So it will be-

Somthing like thise.

You would need to offer way more info for anyone to even understand what your doing…

What system are you using for multiple night stays?
Preorder multi day ticket?

What are potential reporting factors like states or tags etc?

Where are you triggering this report from?
How are you specifying room or guest?

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it possible thet i see the total amunt of the items thet the customer bot together in the accunte print…instead of the line customer accunt transacion.?

now i put the night charges as a part of the manu.

and i creat a new customer and put it on is accunt,

and whan the customer do chakout im going to is accunt and see the amount he need to pay.
and if he whant a receipt for a all the week he stayed.i dont have a way to give him one receipt …im giviein him a receipt for every time he can be 20 or 30 for a customer tjet stay for a week/.

You should be able to get ticket id from transaction and use that to gather ticket/order info, dont think there is an easy solution.

So how can i do this?
If can you help me…it will be graet!

How are you running your accounts?
Are you using a room entity account or a booking entity account like my hotel entity setup?

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I dont use a room system… onle customer accunt.
It will be Better for me in a room system…?

No Booking Accounts is best as keeps accounts clean on per booking basis making statements etc.
There is a big thread from a while back about hotel/room enties setup within samba (not the PMS one)