Italian Restaurant


SambaPOS v4.1.55
MS SQL Express 2014
Admin password = 1234
Server (different user permissions)= 4321
Monitor Resolution = 1600x900

Restaurant Background:

This is currently being used for a fine dining Italian Restaurant in United States. It has been in production for about a month. This setup has been running flawlessly.


  1. Fairly complex lunch and dinner menu
  2. Third Party Time Clock integration
  3. Open Drawer
  4. TO GO Ticket Tag
  5. Tax Exempt option
  6. Fast Payments
  7. Discount based on $
  8. Discount based on %
  9. Reopen settled Tickets
  10. Change Price

Setup SambaPOS

  1. Install SambaPOS and MS SQL Express 2014
  2. Install More Ticket Actions from Samba Market
  3. Install Shell Subtitle from Samba Market
  4. Download SambaFiles and extract to C:\SambaFiles*(TC)
  5. Install AutoHotkey from SambaFiles*(TC)
  6. Open TimeClock.ahk (Move to Windows Startup Folder if you plan to use this setup) *(TC)
    TimeClock.ahk is setup to open Windows Calculator. Modify this with your Time Clock application of choice.
  7. Hide Windows Taskbar

(TC)=Time Clock option

I would like to thank everyone in the SambaPOS community for helping to setup my POS. (2.4 MB) (982.1 KB)

Help! Restaurant opens next week and I have no idea what to do!

There are some permission problems… what did you set as your database password and userid

Default is UserID SA password sambapos


User ID=sa


Database Name and Instance=SAMBAPOS



I believe User ID and Password should be from your MS SQL instance.



I use to restore.

Save the backup file to C:\Folder\SambaPOS.bak


Hmm its not working. Not sure what is wrong with your database but its not loading. I deleted mine completely and loaded only yours… instead of connecting to it… samba just created its own fresh one.


I deleted my DB and restore it successfully using above mentioned tool.

Below is my connection string, but this should not matter

Data Source=E6510-PC\SAMBAPOS; User Id=sa; Password=123456; Database=sambapos;


There we go… you specified a database other than default… default is Sambapos4

So the connection string did matter :stuck_out_tongue: Might add that to your post… but its working now that I specified the database.

BTW what timeclock software are you using?


I assumed you looked at DB name under MS MGMT Studio. :slight_smile: Did not know there was a default name for the DB. for one computer.


Yes you do not have to specify Database= in the connection string. It defaults to Sambapos4 :stuck_out_tongue:

So your using the keypress script to emulate keyboard commands to control the timeclock?

Does the time clock stay on the computer or can you run the commands with it invisible?


Are you not using inventory tracking?

Sorry for all the questions I am interested in it. Are you using the Autohotkey to send emulated keyboard clicks for Time clock punches? or are the employees just opening time clock and using time clock then closing it?

I like your Table setup and the flow of your menu is nice.


Correct on keyboard commands.

After a user clocks in, they will touch POS screen and Time Clock goes to background.

Next time someone needs to clockin the script with check if TIme Clock is running in the background. If it is running, it is then brought to foreground. If not, script will open Time Clock software.


I do not use inventory. It is very hard to use inventory when you have a large menu. I will need to hire someone to just do inventory, LOL. :smile:

Script is only used to open Time Clock.


How do you track your inventory then? Just eyeball? I like your setup btw… VERY simple which is good.


We have sheets with our products. Go around and check what is low.


Personally I would think the opposite. A very large menu, the inventory feature would be invaluable to me saving me a lot of time. But everyone has their own system. I love hearing from other people what they do.


BTW i found one small issue. Your receivables is not reflecting the right amount. It is because your Tax is not going into receivables just your sales is. Define default target account as Receivables for your 8% tax transaction type and it fixes it.



I just checked my setup and it was set for Receivables. Something must of happen with the backup.


@na1978 From your uploaded image, the Default Target Account look empty