Italian Restaurant



I changed it now. We use Work Period Report to pay our taxes. We switch WPR to last month and it gives us TAX TOTAL.

Thanks for helping to correct it.


Sorry was not nitpicking your database. I like it. I just noticed that and thought you would want your receivables to be accurate. I was skeptical of the auto logout thing when you were designing it. But now that I see it in practice its a great idea for your implementation.

One question were you planning on using gift cards and just have not enabled them yet? I could not find a method for adding funds to a gift card.



Thanks for correction. I do not see it as nitpicking. :slight_smile: Hopefully, it is a good start for someone that plans to open a Dine-in restaurant. I initially requested Pre-Build Databases, but did not have time to upload ours.

At our other location (Not this posted DB) we use GC in the following manner:

  1. Create a new Customer as GC1515. 1515 is printed on GC
  2. Switch Customers to Credit only
  3. Add funds to this GC1515
  4. Select GC1515 to pay a ticket with GC

Current Pre-Build Database does not utilize the above method. This location is busier and the above is too many steps. We simply use GC same as Cash or Credit.


hello @na1978,

I’m very interested in your pre-build database. Please share the full GC feature database.


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