Item order tag selection after changing order status

Hello! I want to know if these’s a way to change item tag selection after order status change. Now it is possible to change these variables only at the time of item added to ticket. I want to modify them at any time before ticket is paid. Thank you.

This is not advisable because once an order is submitted, it shouldn’t be easy to change without being voided, otherwise it is going to cause confusion for the kitchen.

However there is a solution now - you can use Duplicate Orders action to duplicate an order (including all it’s order tags), then make changes to the order tags on the new duplicate order, then void the original order. This means the kitchen will receive the new order and the voided original order and therefore less confusion.

I thought there was a tutorial on setting this up but I couldn’t find it.

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Here is a brief step by step:

Create Automation Command

Create Action

Create Rule


Select Submitted order, then click Duplicate:

New duplicate order is added to ticket. Make changes as needed to the new order:

VOID the original submitted order, then submit the ticket:


Im going to use this to create an Add Round button so when a customers has an open tab and wants the same round of drinks we can just quickly select then in screen and press add round button :grinning:


I create this button as above described but my KD kitchen display not updated with the new order. Do I need to add another rule to display this duplicate order ?