Item sales report and departmental report on metric

Hi Samba great team.
Is it possible to have item sales report as it is on the computer and departmental sales report? I purchased samba v5 and it’s working like charm in 4 departments, butchery, hotel, bar and rooms.

It’s possible, you will have to create a ticket type for each department and filter report by Ticket Type.

Checkout this post

Thanks for the reply, please note am asking about the report on metrik.

Ohh okay, wasn’t aware :slight_smile:

how did you set your rooms,i will be interested. You can run a departmental report if you want to see the sales in each department

Thank you for clarifying that. Please try to be specific with questions otherwise it’s impossible for us to provide useful help.

Metrik reports do not sync with the reports in SambaPOS. We will improve Metrik but no eta right now as we have several projects.