Item Sales report ODI = True strange results

Id recommend just ditching the the ‘ignore portion for normal’ bit (third line) and use something like this;

[Sales:4 ,5 ,4 , 2, 2, 2, 2]
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:M.GroupCode.asc,O.MenuItemName.asc,O.PortionName,O.Price,O.Quantity.Sum.desc,O.Total.Sum.desc:(ODI=True)}

I have group code inline so products are also grouped by group code as useing for stock takes etc rather than seeing order of qty/value sold.
Price can probably come out too as thats in there to save printing price list out each time stocktaker comes.

Like this if you want it stripped down ordered by qty.
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:,O.MenuItemName,O.PortionName,O.Quantity.Sum.desc,O.Total.Sum.desc:(ODI=True)}

That’s how our item sales report like. all item with sandwich are not in the sales report, I had other items like Lemon and Ginger but changed it to Lemon & ginger, But no I Sandwich must have the


Thanks, will look into that

Its the @ list that causes the issue I think not ODI.
Your using the @ declaration to list menu items in order to display portions on individual lines.
By keeping it inline and dropping the @ it resolves this issue.

I originally had similar issue with commas in names as default list is comma seperated however this can be avoided by using alternative character like pipe | or something.

Ive just double checked and sandwich works fine for me useig the above report.

Its a little squashed onscreen with the extra columns but usually print from office on A4 where more width;

Never thought about sandwiches, it came to light here when stocktaker noticed a variance on Brandy.
We dont do itemised stock for food so that never came up.

@stephencoduor what version are you using.
Just checked after noticing emre saying will fix for lowercase 'and.
On my version although beta should be fixed on current release version sandwich works…

Your report returns;

Guess I was wrong saying there wasnt a fix. guessing your using an older version. Think 5.1.20 is current release version.
Id hazzard a guess this was fixed arround the 5.2.18 range.

Looks like it might have been 5.2.16;

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Yes so replace and with AND in the expression.

I tested with lowercase and in the ‘constraint’, think his fix was to ignore lowercase and in fields or something.
In fact just rested capitals and either seems to work;


Think you just need to update @stephencoduor

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Thanks guys, I ll be upgrading today