Items sold by Group

hope this helps!!!


@gerlandog a great effor i was about to do a similar report

this is my first report to customize need your assisstance.

i have tried to edit the template provided above but i get error

like i want to change the title to item sale per group

that is wnat edit template to simple english

how can i do that

you juswt need to change this part Totales por Grupo con TAGS) and put whatever you want there.
This part are the fields titles: Grupo|Porcion|MenuItemName|[N]Cantidad|[C]Total|Status but remember not to change the [N] or [C].


Grupo|Porcion cant be changed to Group|Portion

yes you can, but you have to change those also in the report design. Click with the right mouse button over the report and enter into design mode… ther you can change almose anything…

be carfeull to save changes.


ok thanks was quite helpful

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still facing problem
did following changes in edit report:

they seem to be reflected in design mode

but still not working any assisstance


exactly what is still not working?


i am getting this

that is becuase you changed field names, so you will have to drag fields again to theyre posititon in order to obtain again the report…
just drag the three first to the part where says DROP ROW FIELDS then drop the rest to the area where it says DROP COLUMN FIELDS HERE. After that you will see your report. Remember to save it. After that enter into DESIGN MODE and you can change things…


i have tried but still unable to do it

@madiha There are several things missing from this that are just understood if you had read the Custom Reports tutorials. @gerlandog is posting these in this forum category with the understanding that you have read and understand how to use custom reports. These are reports built for you so you can get ideas or simply copy them for ease. You must read and understand how to use custom reports before any of the reports listed in this forum category will make sense to you.

  1. Where to drop fields for Pivot Tables
  2. How to save a pivot table
  1. You need to drop Cantidad, Total, Status into Drop Data Items Here section: Drop MenuItemName, Porcion, Grupo into the Drop Row Fields Here section.
  1. :warning: Once you get them dropped correctly you then need to right click the report and choose save changes

Finally Design mode can be used to format the look to get rid of the headers. This can be found here.

yes u are right i went through the tutorial and got it right

one thing still left how to adjust the height?

[!Totales por Grupo con TAGS:2,2,2, 1, 1,1:450] Set 450 to whatever height you want.

i was just about to try that :slight_smile:

what do i need to set in print templates under design mode in order to print the report

You can set height as 0 for printing. I’ll implement more features for better printing support.

@emre i have set the height to 0 but still its not printing do i need to do set some other setting for printing

how to remove currency symbol from this custom report