JScript Helpers and Functions


Emre posted some script to help with password as hashed, pin shouldn’t be to hard is not.


That’s a good shout. So these wouldn’t be available by gql?


No but there are some gql ones that do same thing. They are documented


Its probably going to be a hefty automation update so think I’m going to have to update setup offline and switch to a fresh db on live day to avoid issues with rule sorting etc as some is new and some is updated. Will get messy very quickly and window for switch isn’t long plus will be stocktake day (to avoid split reports).
The girls have claimed the occasional slow down. While update and autoresize may resolve a fresh history won’t hurt and will keep old db.
Know closing work period with backup switched on is beginning to take a noticably longer time than it used to.


Backups seem to happen faster if you use MSSMS instead.


Yet, have been thinking about changing to that.
Do you just have it to schedule backup on SQL itself.


I use Windows schedular to run it myself.


It generates a different file right? The backup wouldn’t restore within samba and Visa versa without unzipping. Never needed to check but guessing there is a normal SQL backup inside the samba generated zip?


It creates the same file it’s not not compressed already like Sambapos does