Json Script to get current work period tickets to post

Hi all,
I have been trying a multibranch setup using a laravel, I have already done with API part of laravel,
Now I need to make script for posting tickets using my api, with details like items, order tags, user, ticket tags, payments.
Can anyone help on this,

See my hotel lms intergration.
I post tickets to pms api.
Depends on how you want to manage, most straight forward would be to push report data into a script that posts to your api on wp end but there are many alternative methods.

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yes,I am working on it,

If you’re wanting to post the data from SambaPOS to your API and don’t need real-time data, I would recommend triggers on the tables from which you need information - one AFTER INSERT and one AFTER UPDATE.

Have a separate table to hold the change information (XML if your SQL Server is < 2017, JSON if your SQL server is >= 2017.

Have the trigger enter the insert/update values to a table and then check that for new insert/update records, post to your API and upon completion delete that row.

Then take that data and post to your API at a certain interval.