KDS Ticket States Issue

Hi everyone,

I have a really custom flow for a cloud kitchen setup.

Basically there are 5 different delivery companies through which my client gets orders, they put it in the POS and it prints & shows on the KDS as expected.

However, two of those companies have a flow where it automatically settles it on the account as Debit & marks ticket as closed.
Those tickets show on the KDS but cant update the kitchen state from Waiting to Accepted.

Is it not possible to update different states (not Status states) once isClosed=1?

I think you will have to re-open the ticket (unlock it), make changes then lock & close it again. I think I came across a similar situation in the past.

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Yeah, I thought of that too but Ill have to redesign whole KDS flow for that. So I think Ill just rather have them as Unpaid & just put Settle all tickets through loop action on Ticket List screen.

The trick is not to Mark Ticket As Closed on those specific tickets at ticket closing. Let the kds automation mark those as closed.

Put a constraint on the Before Ticket Closing rule that marks tickets as closed and set it to mark those tickets closed on automation command executed.


My head was a bit all over the place today, that sounds like a straight forward solution and a good direction to go. Thanks!

This post might be helpful:

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