Keyboard text under product


Is there anyway to activate the keyboard after selecting an item in order to include notes for this particular item?

Thank you in advance

Use Note on left of ticket screen. If this is not what you want can you explain why you want notes for a product. You may need to use order tags.

Thanks for the fast reply and willingness for further assistance.

I would like to give some extra information just for a particular product. There are times we need to write something to the kitchen for just once. For instance… “This is for boss brother”, or some extra weird request. In general something we don’t use often. Yesterday I had a customer who asked for cold soup… So I could press soup and write cold under it. Also there could be tags that are not set yet, item text resolve this inconvenience

I have this to my current pos system and it’s very handy.


Check Free Tagging section of this tutorial.

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