Kitchen Display & Mobile Client


I am trying to get Kitchen display working and am having difficulty finding an up to date one that works. I tried importing @QMcKay tutorial but had issues with that. Also tried but when i click on order ready nothing happens.

Anyhow before I spend anymore time looking for a Kitchen display that works my question is related to the mobile client. When an order is ready from the Kitchen. Will the waiter who is using the mobile client be notified that order is ready.


Don’t know for sure but I would doubt it.
Can’t imagine what automation would allow that that mobile client supports.
Havnt used but can’t see it supporting broadcast message and popup/ask question. Even sba wouldn’t if you were mid way though a ticket.


I don’t see the point in the Kitchen display Order ready. When chef clicks Order Ready who is he notifying that the order is ready? We have Touch screen monitors for Kitchen display. Tablets for waiters and will probably end up ringing a bell to notify that the order is ready. Am I missing something?


The point of it isn’t specificly to notify on ready like the kitchen bell, it’s a monitor of what’s ready/searved. You would see it’s ready on the screen, it’s not meant as a notification platform but a progress display.
You could if you want have notification to something else like a FOH display or other but regardless even full samba doesn’t receive message broadcasts which in a ticket/manage section etc.
I may be wrong but unless they specificly coded something in mobile client for this it’s pretty unlikely to work just from an import.


If you have automation that sets order ready color on entity it would change color on mobile client. The table could indicate it’s ready. But that would only work for entire tables no way to show individual orders for a table.


Order ready is to clear the queue for chef and to notify waiters on their pos screen. Mobile client doesn’t support that yet.


You could put a giant TV in waiters area showing ready orders. They can see it then clear it on their pos. That’s one idea. There are many different ideas that would work.


Latest version of mobile client has some chat feature built in, multiple mobile client devices can send messages to each other. Not sure if it’s using broadcast message, if so you might be able to then send a message to the mobile client using the same method and it would come up on the device as a notification.