Kitchen Display Setup

Is there a way to not let out the whole order but only a group of products
example only appetizers or drinks?

I’m looking at redesigning the Kitchen Display with more functionality and ability to handle courses.

When I first created it, it was to prove that it could be done, so it was basic and straight forward.

Once I get past my current project, I will have more time to focus on it.

Attached is a V3.0.34 database (SQL Express 2012) setup with Kitchen Display.
Setup V3.0.34 on a new system and copy over the database. You may need to stop SQL Server (SAMBAPOS) in services.msc to copy the database into C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SAMBAPOS\MSSQL\DATA folder. (963.4 KB)

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It is work, cool!!!
Thanks millioms!

@JohnS, is there any chance to have kitchen display setup exported with database tools?




Please find attached the Kitchen Display Setup export.

*** Install into a test database to make sure everything runs OK first. (2.2 KB)


I really appreciate it!!


@JohnS, I am implementing in training mode “kitchen display”. Is there any simple way to show in “Pizzaria” pizzarias´s orders and in “Restaurante” restaurante´s orders?

So far I can see both orders in boths entities screens…



What is the exact name of your departments?

Hi @JohnS, here a print screen, so ther is no confusion…



I managed to make to entities screen, but both show the same… i maybe missing something…



Cool. I will have a look at it tonight.

We have a “Go Live” today at a Club, so it will be busy getting the last of the products sorted and training staff.
4 days to setup and install - this has been the fastest SambaPOS install for us yet.

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When are you coming to “go live” here in brazil?


Not for a while yet

so you dont do all the hard work, maybe you can point me in the right direction… I modified some of the code inside the widget so it shows “Tables Pizzaria” and “Tables Restaurante”, but donot have a clue where should I start looking so each screen “filters” each venue…


It should be just the mappings for the Rules and creating duplicate Entity Screens.
But some Rules will need to be split and reworked for multi department setup.
May not be a simple setup.


ok… do your work in peace!!!

and thank you very much!!!


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@gerlandog, this will have to wait until tomorrow. I only got home a little while ago and I have another early start tomorrow.

We went live today at a venue and all went well - another SambaPOS success :thumbsup:


work in peace!!!



i installed kitchen display and followed ur instruction. first it say kitchen already exits so i replaced the kitcen with sambapos as a user above have mentioned. but then it gave the order to check the version.

so as u have mentioned will i have to uninstall samba and install samab v 4.1.21.

will this mean the default samba menu will be replaced and i will have to clear it again.

and kitchen db will now become the only db to be used