Kitchen Display V2 - Courses & Seats


Morning All,

A little while ago I created a newer version of the Kitchen Display. It contains the following

1… Course & Seat options for Orders
2… Marching orders for Course
3… Separate Kitchen queues for Kitchen (no course), Entree, Main & Desserts
4… Kitchen printout grouped by Course

This is a heavily modified version of SambaPOS, so there will be no importing available into existing databases.

This was designed to show that SambaPOS is capable of very complicated work flows.

This is provided as is and for the more advanced users in the SambaPOS community.

SambaPOS version 4.1.37
Admin pin - 1234
SQL Express 2012 Database - KitchenV2

Screen Shots

Course Button - Each tap will change Course. If left at Course, orders will go to Kitchen Queue.
Seat Button - Each tap will change Seat from 1->10.

Place Order and press Next Course to send to Kitchen queues.

Orders will show in respective queues.

Orders that are ready will appear in Order Ready screen and as Green on Tables screen.

A Red table means that there is more Courses to be sent to the Kitchen. Go to ticket and click Next Course to send order to Kitchen.

Kitchen Printout.

Database Backup File - (579.0 KB)

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Does clicking on seat or course button asks question for seat our course selection can be an alternative?


Course and Seat cycle through set values in the Automation Commands. Seats have no impact on anything else so these can be changed.

Course’s are set a Entree, Main & Dessert. Changing requires a few changes throughout. But in saying that, any course can be selected or missed. For example, you can select just Main & Dessert if needed.


I made a short study to visualize the case.

I think we can maintain two states within order.

  • Order State
    • Ordered (default state)
    • Marched
    • Prepared
    • Served
  • Course State
    • Entree
    • Main
    • Dessert

We need three screens. Two for waiters, one for kitchen. First waiter screen lists Ready to March (Ordered) orders. Second one lists Ready to Serve (Prepared) orders. Also Kitchen display lists Read to Prepare (Marched) orders. We can split them to sections by courses.

We can also track a Ticket State to track Active Course of the ticket so we can display related Next Course button.

Some SambaPOS functions might not have required features to implement this but before trying to implement this to test SambaPOS possibilities I wanted to hear your idea. Please let me know if you think there might be issues with my setup.

PS1: If we keep doing this we’ll invent a new title called Restaurant Engineering :slight_smile:
PS2: Sorry for my poor handwriting skills.


I think I found the issue.

To replicate the issue

  1. Choose any table, then add 1 course , followed by 1 entree, 1 main, and 1 dessert
  2. Close the table
  3. Reopen the table again, then add 1 more course
  4. check the All kitchen Entity Screen, press order ready
  5. back to the all table tab, re-open table again, press order delivered followed by next course
  6. check the All kitchen Entity Screen. Here I think the entree order is suppose to show up but it did not…

Sorry if that wasn’t clear. English is not my native language :smile:

SambaPos Mutfak Ekranı

Dear @john and @emre, is there any way to show for example in kitchen all items that belong to a certain group? but automatically…

I try to accomplish this:

  1. beverages not to be shown in kitchen…
  2. all others to be shown in kitchen…




@gerlandog good point. That should also taken into consideration.

John shares his configurations to demonstrate different uses however is it is still hard to configure something common for everyone. Using custom product tags for display selection might be a solution.

Since we didn’t experienced enough cases yet I can’t determine how should I continue development for easier setups. As we gather more feedbacks from different people we’ll be able to build a nice solution.


I think that @JohnS´s example would be completed after we can show in different “kitchens” the corresponding orders…

that could be done easy (I think) if we could put some kind of “IF CLAUSULE” here:

for example:

category BEBIDAS does NOT go to kitchen display…



could be




PS I know what you are going to say… YES I am a REALLY old Programmer… old from the 70´s and 80´s… IF ENDIF… GOTO… PROCEDURE ilikethis PARAMETERS you,me,he


by the way @emre, I just found a stupid bug… if you are an admin you can go into design mode when in the entities screens, thats GOOD, but to in order to enter into desgin mode you have to copletely leave samba, its not enough just to log off and login… exactly the same if you where loged in as admin and then logged off and loged in as a user, you can still acces desgn mode.,

How to after ordering want to modify the order

@fickle_123, Yes I guess that’s a bug, but it wasn’t designed to work like that.

If you do not set a Course, the all orders go to the Kitchen queue. It’s one or the other, you either leave it on Course or you use Entree,Main, etc.
Leaving the ticket at Course is for when you seat customers and get their drink orders first. Then when you return with their drinks, you get their meal orders.

Yes, I could have renamed that to drinks or something else.

This is not a live database - its a concept that lets us brainstorm newer ideas and better ways to handle situations.
This is not just an update to the original Kitchen Display. This is a whole new design from scratch.


@JohnS Hey there I’m new to the Samba community and I need some help on making this .zip file work with the POS system.

split this topic #12

I moved a post to a new topic: How to add “Print Bill” to left hand side bar in POS view?



I really like this kitchen display. Is it possible to export the settings for me please?


Hi, It is possible that this configuration can be used in SambaPOS3 version?
I tried to set it by comparing data from the tables, but the state change buttons do not appear on All kitchens or Orders Ready.
Any idea ?

Sorry for my English .


this is in .bak file. how to i use this?


how to create a list of meals in seperate ‘entities’ then can be click off individually and let the cashier/order handler decide where to deliver instead of tick one whole bill off directly


I found workaround (although this doesn’t reduce the kitchen screen load)

i use cashier to control ea delivered item by updating the order status to delivered.

is that possible to do a highlight or something in the ticket screen with the delivered item?


Hi , it would be possible to publish the database in SDF format ?
Thank you very much .


What is the best way of implementing it on a production POS system? I will really appreciate some guidance and steps.


Is your system version 4 if so what release version? Is it running SQL Express?


If this question is for me, I have sql server 2012 express and samba pos 4.172