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If you do not want it affecting your current tickets and sales data you would have to build it from scratch or using database import tools. This means opening it either in a separate instance of samba or on another computer and studying it and copying the setup or exporting and importing it via database tools.


Yes I want to preserve my tickets, products, prices and all the settings etc… So is there a way to selectively import Kitchen display related entities and stuff. I will appreciate any help on export / import.


You can purchase Database Tools module and look at that. It will allow export/import of most of it. Or you can just recreate the actions/rules etc on your database


Ok great. thanks again.


BTW It may not be in the near future but a discussion about this was just started here.


installed databasetool n tried to import this zip but not working?


This is not a database tool file. This is a sample database


any luck to convert this into database tool file?


JohnS stated the reason of not having an import file.


You could install the database and use the tool to export pieces of it one at a time. Whatever option you choose will require good understanding of how it works so I recommend just installing this on a test system and learn from it and then try to implement it into your own.


John and Emre. This is just an excellent system! and the kitchen display is also a near perfect set-up.
I’m trying to change a few things around but cannot seem to be able to get it to work the way I want it to.
What I want to happen is when Kitchen selects Order Ready on Entree, I want it to bring up the next course

So course goes to Kitchen > Kitchen prepares Entree and selects order ready > Main items now come up in Main

How can i make this happen?


I would suggest you study up on States. Forum search for States will pull up a lot of useful information and tutorials.


Thanks for your reply. I was only playing around with actions and rules and did not look at states. I will do some research on states and see how i go.



How I add this backup to my sql ? I tried to create a db with the same name, and then right click and mount the backup. I get errors, so I can not. can you please upload the .sdf file, cause the I can convert it.



JohnS has been on an extended vacation and not active in the forum for quite some time. If your looking for a simple Kitchen Display look here for instructions to get you started.


Hi Kendash,
Is there a manual or short description how to add the Kitchen screen with Entree, Main, and Dessert.
I have tried to restore the .bak file, but this is not working.


I have added a new category BeveragesNR
This is to sort in the Refill Print report all Beverages what needs daily to be refilled from stock.

In the KD_Update Kitche order Display state I have added a Custom Constrain BeveragesNR

For the Bar I have added an extra Update Orders Display rule.

If I order Orange Juice it is still appointed to the Kitchen and nor Bar.
Anyone can help out what I’m doing wrong.


You need MATCHES ALL in your Update Order Kitchen Display State Rule, tou currently have it set to just MATCHES


i would love to look at and study this set up too bad no one wants to put up a working zip file


hi bud here is how i got this data base to work .
1-use sql studio to restore the .back file ,if u notice the picture it will create kitche and kitchenV2 database .separate from sambapos4 data base .

2- u must go into sambapos manage settings local settings and input path
Source=localhost\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=KitchenV2;
this will do it ,if u get database error out dated just uninstall and reinstall sambapos .
then if u purchased database tools and activate it then u can export some settings .
or be a sport and take a look at settings and copy it to u database.
hope this helps future newbie like me