Kitchen items printing

Hi ,
i have configured one printer for sambapos 4.this should print kitchen items and receipt also.
and i want add 1 button 4 printing kitchen items separately if they want.
please tell me how to that?

Create an automation command and name the button kitchen print (or something similar) add mappings to ticket

Create a print job action and add your print job to it

Create an automation command executed rule, add constraint of automation command equals kitchen print (or whatever you called your button) and add the print job action

Add default mapping and save

Now there will be a kitchen print button on your pos, press it and you kitchen print job will print

Sorry theres no screenshots im on my phone, any probs just shout for help :slight_smile:

thanks for ur instant reply.i will check it.

i made it but not printing? :pensive:

  1. Create automation command called kitchen print.
  2. Create action "Execute Print Job. Just try it with an existing print job that you know works. Then if that works go ahead and create a new one and just modify this action with the new print job name.
  3. Create a rule with event name: “Automation Command Executed” and add custom constraint Automation command name equals (whatever name you put for your automation command in step 1. Then click select actions and select the action you created in step 2.

Make sure you map everything correctly in all steps above,
If you do this properly all should work just fine.