Kitchen Print - Separate Orders from Main Ticket

Hey everyone

So we have a request. I have three printers in my kitchen

  1. Grill Station
  2. Pancake, Salad and Sandwich Station
  3. Coffee Station

When customers order for example, a Meatpie, the order is done by two stations:
Grill and Salad station.

So, how do I print parts of one product on separate printers? And how do I specify on the child printers to wait for the grill station?

My current solution simply prints the whole order twice, but when we are busy this confuses the kitchen and I sometimes get duplicated food come from the kitchen.

Thanks in advance.

Mapping is the main part of setup like that.
Personally I would think about something like what I have planned for the main kitchen at the hotel. Where everything goes to all printers but only orders relavent to that printer are in bold.
This would require separate templates for each printer.
Make a product tag for kitchen section.
Map all food to all printers but in separate print jobs to the separate templates.
Then add a ternarry expression in each template to make the order like bold based on the product tag for that order.
This allows for each section to see if there are other orders with the ones they need to make for which they would need to coordinate with the other section on to send whole ticket together


The above is how I have it currently.
I guess my hope was that once I have setup all my recipes, that portioned products can be printed separate based on the recipe. So Fresh Trout for example must have sautéed potatoes and stir fry, each made on a separate station, but it is part of a menu product called Grilled Trout.

Thanks for the response, I will continue trying though and see if this is possible.