Kitchen printing

Dear concerned. I changed the name voucher to paytm ( Indian payment method) on payment screen. When I click paytm it print only customer receipt but don’t print kitchen order. I want when I click paytm it print customer and kitchen order same time. Thanks

Default flow would be kitchen print for new orders on ticket close.
Does it not print when ticket is closed after payment?

Yes it don’t print … when I click on paytm( voucher) ticket automatically close with one printing which is invoice for customer but don’t KOT on kitchen printer

Has it worked before?

Not … actually I did not check. I just changed the name from voucher to paytm. After it’s not working

If you didnt try before then you dont know its that that made it not work.
Do you have kitchen printer selected in the printer settings for kitchen printer?

Yes. I selected kitchen printer. Kitchen printer is working with cash or credit card but not with voucher ( paytm)

Kitchen print should be on ticket closing/before ticket closing so should be independent of payment type.
Show the rule which contains the kitchen print action.

Not possibe ATM . I will send you pic later on. Coz I m at home. It at my restaurant.thnaks can you also please help me in another topic. I created a a hold button it’s running successfully. When I click on hold button ticket hold but when I retrieve ticket back I can settle the ticket as well but just in case if customer say please remove some item from my order I m not able to do that because as emre said use void button but void button is grade out I can’t cancel the all item or particular item. Let’s there were 5 item before and customer please remove 2 items please

Dont mix topics, as I already posted on that topic without pictures and more info its hard to help.
Im going to guess you have messed with states flow while changing languages etc as emre also said.
Youll need to start showing some screenshots for anyone to help.

I followed these steps

This step for auto ticket closing

Showing a tutorial doesnt really help us. We would need to see your setup. Remember we know nothing about your specific setup. We are completely blind to it. All we can do is look at what you tell us or show us and try to help you based on that. If you dont show us much or tell us specifics then we can only guess.