Kitchen Prints Not Showing Order Tags

Hi Samba Team,

We have an issue with kitchen print .
We had 3 Kitchen Printers.

  1. Sheesha Printer
  2. Kitchen 1 Printer
  3. Bar Printer

Yesterday we added one more printer for the second kitchen. (Kitchen Printer 2)
The purpose of Kitchen Printer 2 is to print items with ProductType=FOOD to that printer along with Kitchen Printer 1 simultaneously.
Ie : If we are selecting a product with tag “FOOD”, it will get printed in both the printers. Otherwise it will get printed only in Printer 1.

  1. How we achieved that.
  2. Created a New Printer. (Kitchen Printer 2)
  3. Created 2 Print Jobs. ( Print to Kitchen Printer 2 from Server) & (Print to Kitchen Printer 2 from
    Waiter Terminal ) and mapped to Kitchen Order Template and gave tag as ProductType=FOOD
    4)Created ProductType and attached to selected items under food.
    5)Cloned the action Execute Print to Kitchen and gave another name.
    6)Added this action under Ticket Closing Rule.

Everything is working fine.
But the problem is, free order tag disappeared from all the 4 Kitchen Prints.
But it is appearing in the ticket template.

We have 2 terminals.

  1. Waiters
  2. Server

Separate Print Jobs created for each terminals.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 9.14.01 PM(1) WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 9.14.01 PM

Show print jobs and templates etc.

Fyi changed to question as this will be config rather than bug which is what issue is for.

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It happens in free tagging when typing tags with out price. I will send the screenshot

Pretty sure {ORDER TAG NAME} is wrong, it’s in the order tag section and that’s an ‘order tag value’ expression I think, so pretty sure it would just be NAME.
I think I use order tag label in my template as use prefix options etc.
Expressions specifying full like that are usually for using in other sections or with further constraint like a :x} type in the list.
Look down the help section on template, they are grouped relative to template section which always start within the relative section before looking at other expressions (that may work or may not work as expected in your use case)

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Tried it.
But doesnt work.
The only issue now is when selecting free tags without price, it is not mentioning in the kitchen print.
But it is showing in the ticket print.

Got the solution
In kitchen Order templates, merge Order Tags was enabled.
Changed it.