Label Printer Issue

Hello Everyone… i am trying to print Labels for products using Zebra GX420d label printer… so the flow is… order added to the screen… when automation command for order ready is pressed it should execute the label print job… it seems to be working only when i add the command to the ticket screen… but when i press the same command from the kitchen it does not print anything… please advise if anyone can help…its really odd that it is the same automation command… See video below for example…

thanks in advance (2)

You have to load the ticket first. Using load ticket action.

Hi Jesse. I have it there but still no luck…

You are loading a ticket with no ticket id. How can it load ticket if you have no ID?

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Oh Yes… i realized and added the command value later on but still no luck!

Thank you @Memo for providing me amazing support for Label Printer and customization for my POS setups!

I have not received better solutions to date than what you have provided me… sharing couple of your amazing achievements as an appreciation…

Thanks a bunch my friend for all the time support and suggestions!

Really appreciate that! you are a label maker GURU…:smiley:


Aww shucks :blush: THanks for the project; it was fun NGL =]