Label Widgets Properties and Settings

Ok not understanding something simple about Label Widgets. What is the difference between “Properties: Text” and “Settings: Text”? I have seen samples where Text Labels are duplicated in both Entries but “Settings” may have Expressions…

Then under “Properties” how do you get to the second line? I only use single lines so far.

I also should say I don’t get why we have both Windows and why they are not combined.

Do not use Properties > Text … it is an evaluated form of Settings > Text

Use only Settings > Text

AFAIK, Properties > Text could be removed from the dialog, because it is not really an editable field, and it could help to avoid confusion. It is there for informational purposes only.

Think of it this way:

Properties is common to all Widgets. It contains name, size, location, rotation, etc.

Settings is unique per Widget, meant to contain only those things that apply to that particular Widget Type.

Could they be combined? Sure. But to avoid “clutter” on a single dialog, I do prefer that the Properties are separate, since it much more rare to modify the values. The “important” parameters for the Widget are found in Settings, while the “common” parameters are left to their own dialog (properties).


The primary thing to use Properties for is to give the widget a unique name and or fine adjustments to position, size etc. All actual configuration of the widget should be done in Settings.

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Thank you @QMcKay - what got me as they are editable as you can delete the evaluated display and somehow it effects the Setting…

Well I managed to build this screen that automatically adjusts to Department and Till.

Would love to have more screen control but 3 days left and ticking to LIVE data so push on :cold_sweat:

PS: Thanks Rick I borrowed the graphics for buttons.


I removed it. Thank you very much.