Labels according to order status

Hello everyone, maybe it is something simple, I hope you can guide me and manage to print the status of the order at the top.

That “NEW ORDER” is printed on the kitchen ticket if the order is for the first time.
That the kitchen ticket is printed “OVER ORDER”, if the customer requests a second time. In the same way, in my kitchen ticket template the headers are printed, I have no problem with that. The problem I want to solve is that it prints the correct ticket label, whether it is a new order or reorder.

I have the following actions configured:
action for new order:

rule for new order:

I am trying that if the ticket type is empty and the ticket type is equal to ticket, execute the action of writing the value of “NEW ORDER”.

For the second action when there is a REORDER:


Basically I would like to ask for your support in how I can make conditions within my rules so that the ticket label is executed and printed as I require.

Thank you in advance for your great support.