Language Change

i want to know if the application comes with Arabic language or not.
(i want the application in Arabic and am not talking about the Arabic language input)

Version 4 does not support other languages. V5 does have some limited multi language support. I am not sure if Arabic is supported yet or not.

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Don’t think so.
You can change allot of the buttons to other languages but many are hard coded and cannot be changed.
Think it is English and Turkish only in v4.
V5 is slowly getting additional languages added, think there are about half a dozen now.

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can you please suggest me some good links or tutorials for doing these fixes?
cause I want to do this urgently and I don’t have much time to go through all the tutorials.

sorry am troubling you people, kindly help me out.

You can change allot of the POS buttons by just editing the header of the automation command.

Entity names can be changed BUT the select/change above is fixed.

Tax text tile ticket, order, total etc on POS screen are hard coded.

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