Licence Activation 5.2.12

i have just bought my v5 licence but i have issues with assigning the same to my customer and activation .Kindly guide me, seems like the process keeps on changing

Process hasn’t changed since whitch to reseller only.

Process has not changed at all. Explain what your having trouble with?

i have bought the licence and it has appeared on my cp panel but i cant assign it to my customer

Email adresi başka bir kullanıcı tarafından kullanılıyor???

What does this mean

It means “email address is being used by another user”


You should create customer account with unregistered email on

You can only have one licence per account/email.
If they have registered with samba before or for another system/database you need to get an alternate email from them and use that to make a new account under your cp. Reseller Account