Licence Issue no internet access

I have a single computer not networked and no internet access. I have to keep connecting it to the internet and clear the licence in sambamarket. I read that Sambapos does not need Internet access once activated. I already backed up reinstalled windows 8, restored database reactivated by clearing in sambamarket but problem always comes back after a week maybe 2 weeks. I don’t know maybe my database is corrupt? I think it happens when switching from Training mode. I could be wrong on that. In Training mode Unregistered trial always comes up.Is this correct?

You know I noticed this recently as well. but only occurs when training mode is enabled. When disabled I think it goes away. If it doesn’t , restart samba usually does the trick

The only way I can get it back is to activate via sambamarket. This is what I think is happening with me, Sambapos is activated until I click on training mode. In training mode the unregistered trial pops up. Disable training mode and the unregistered trial is still there. Restarting computer or sambapos does not work. I have to renew the licence via sambamarket.

Are you running V4 or V5?

V5 you do not have to activate v4

It is probably due to switching to training mode. When doing this it switches database. @emre can elaborate more.

This is due to change of database.

However @Jesse I think to be honest, training mode should not affect the license of the original database. When in training mode, I can understand the unregistered trial turning on, but when switching back to normal mode, the database should simply go back to original live database without affecting the database license at all.

I noticed this issue with one of my clients, but for some strange reason, after getting out of trial mode, samba does show as unregistered but only for a short period of time, when logged out and back in, or anything that triggers a database refresh, then it comes back to normal and the license is activated normally.

What’s happening here is that samba is not activating the license or thinks that a string in the database does not match the original string which is attached to the license, therefore it assumes its a different or new database and wont activate unless the license is cleared in the samba market…

It could have something to do with the refresh rate of license check(Possibility as mentioned before regarding the issue with a client of mine), or most likely to do with how the license string detaches itself when switching to training mode, and tries to re attach itself within training mode, only to see that the license is already registered to a different database therefore does not activate. So then when reverting back to original database, something triggers a minor change in within the original database that doesn’t match the code saved within the original license, thus it thinks its a different database.

I could be wrong but this Is what I think is happening, based on what jay007 has mentioned.

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I also having the exact problem here.
I’m running V5 on a local network (no internet)
and the unregisterd trial keep coming back every once in a while (every couple weeks to couple months)
I’m always trying to use the latest sambapos possible. And i got this issue since the beggining version of V5

This is really frustrating since i’m the only one who can connect the server to the internet and clear the database to remove the trial. When i’m away for travel, my employees couldn’t do anything to remove the trial.

kelvin logoff from market module (on all terminals) after activating license so it won’t attempt to refresh licenses. Let me know if it occurs again.


All I’m getting the same problem every two weeks. My setup has a laptop as a server running the database and two terminals running the client only.

It has happened 3 times now. Only way to fix it is to clear the database string and refresh from the market place.

I’ve had to fix this with a restaurant full of people.

@emre Is there anything I can do to help get to bottom of his issue ?

Note I haven’t used training mode at all. In fact I have made no changes to the system between errors. And the laptop has constant access to the Internet.

@emre One more question.

Would deliberately reactivating the licence once a week stop this from happening until you can develop a fix ?

I’d rather do that than be called upon to get this sorted with a full restaurant :slight_smile:

Did you updated to 5.1.60?

I continue to have this issue and it is now occurring daily since updating to 5.1.60.
We have even gotten internet access in to try eliminate the issue but It keeps happening.

Are you using training mode or switching databases?

No I changed all admin/manager pins to eliminate anyone entering training mode. No one has access but me.

Are you using SQL server or LocalDB?

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SQL Express running on the till. No other clients connected.

And your not loading backups? Or switching databases at all right?

No ,no database switching or restores.

Hmm really odd. I have no idea then.

In MSSMS your dbo.AddonLicenses table has V5PROLicense entry?