Licence por LATAM

Hello, i’m from a small company of IT services located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have a lot of restaurant looking a good product like this one. I’m interested in having the licence por LATAM ¿Is this possible? Thanks, Leandro

Please define LATAM…

I think LATAM stands for Latin America

Yes, is Latin America

the licence is exactly same as US or EU or Chinese, is cheap licence, I think not have a LATAM licence.

@lhalfon If you can use Paypal then you can purchase a license. Go to for license purchase.

More information is located here:

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That is part of the problem though. Not everyone has Paypal. In fact, Paypal does not support many countries… there is no way to hook Paypal to a bank account in certain countries.


here in brazil we can only receive paypal money from other brazilian paypal accounts… but from abroad… we cannot send or receive abroad…


As I can see from shipment addresses there are people who uses PayPal from Brazil. Did it recently changed?

I you have an international credit card you can buy, as normal…
but thats it… if you receive funds, you can only use those funds to buy abroad, you can not deposit in your bank as paypal does not work as an exchange agent in south american countries like brasil and argentina.

so bottom line… I have two paypal accounts, one international on my name and one brazilian on my wifes name… the funny thing is that if I transfer funds form my account to my wifes account that money s marked as non brazilian, ergo… its only usefull to buy thinks outside brasil…

once you buy outside brasil, the problem is customs… but that is a different story…



But I think you can buy without PayPal account, if you don’t have account it still will let you enter credit card details?

UPDATE: Here is PayPal payment screen from SambaMarket. I selected country as Brazil, it allows credit card payment without PayPal account.

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PayPal Express only works with a PayPal account, PayPal Pro accepts direct credit card input.

That’s outdated info now, it used to be like that but PayPal changed things quite a while ago. You now can pay without a PayPal account on pretty much any site accepting PayPal unless the company has specifically set it that you can’t. By default it is enabled to accept payments without PayPal account. I have setup many ecommerce websites using PayPal for clients and never need to have anything beyond the standard account (i.e. Website Payments Standard, which includes Express checkout).

You can see the screenshot I posted, it is from Samba Market. The page is allowing me to make payment without PayPal account. It’s not in English as I selected Brazil to point out that credit card can be used without PayPal there since that was being discussed, but you can select UK or USA and you will see it will allow payment without PayPal account.

When you mention PayPal Pro, I think you are refering to PayPal Website Payments Pro, which allows merchants to input card details directly via virtual terminal, so they can do phone orders. It is a totally separate thing.

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having issues paying for license.

cant mention at emre as a new user please help at markjw