License Activation Issue

I have just bought a V5 Pro License but it doesn’t activate in the Software."I have tried login in and also trying to activate the license in the Samba Pos Market Windhoek but nothing happens.

You may need to login and clear license key first from the online market page.

Try uninstall of license logout shutdown sambapos then go to market page login and clear license key then start sambapos login with your market login and try install and activate.

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You will receive an email with username and password.
Please remember that in order to register you must be online
Open the sambapos and go to the registration page.

Login and then you can activate the license.

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Hi i have a problem, need to format server computer, make backup´s, reinstall OS and software V5; Barra terminal still works only need to fix server issue, make install, configure sql and everything, succed, start server license problem, go to web site and clear key, server works now…but Barra don´t.

You need to activate license on each terminal

Ok but i don´t get it, i try but not work,

Do you have the licence module installed on all terminals?

Yes, but the activate icon its greyed, not active…any idea?

Did you make a Clear Licence action in SambaPOS Community Portal ? (

Yes when i fix the server OS and reinstall Samba i make the clear key in SPCP

You need to uninstall license from each terminal then shutdown reinstall it. Shut Down then activate it. Try that on each terminal.

Ok Ken i will, keep you posted, thank´s

Hi Ken still the same, also i delete the app and reinstall again…the same

Hi any new advice i need to open my club today?

Are you logged into your account? Does it show your account on the right?

yes i am, logged and before make all i clear the key…

Show your connection string settings on that terminal. Manage > Local Settings > Database

On that terminal when you go to Documents > SambaPOS5 > Addons what does it have in that folder?

First photo is SERVER string, others are from Barra terminal