License Count Exceeded - mc2 / mc3

Hi everyone
My mobile client used to work perfectly untill 2 weeks ago. Now it is giving me an error i have cleared keys on my account. Followed all steps given on sambapos but it is still not working.
I am using only my phone for the mobile client. No other device is used for the mobile client as i only purchased one license

Think wasnt logged out on a device.
Do you use more than one?

i have the same license issue on mc3 too , it was working for last few days but stopped today

has something changed at cp.sambapos backend ?

Nothing changed. But it is based on user logins. If you login with a user you must logout to clear that license.

If you didn’t logout properly it won’t release it. You can restart message server to clear it.

indeed something changed. You must not run more clients than licenses you have.
The license is blocked right at the moment of the START of the app.(Not like V2 at the moment of LOGIN)
So if you have 2 users and 4 mobile clients. You must not run more than 2 clients on your devices.

With V2 you could install them on unlimited devices but only be logged in into 2 devices and it was OK as long as you properly logout.

With V3 you can only run 2 clients on all of your devices. The other clients have to be shut down. When you change devices, you additionally MUST restart messaging server.
@Nizam con confirm this behaviour.