License problem city

Hello to all. I have a problem with the payment of the license. In the field City I miss my city. how can I do?

Just enter your city and don’t miss the field?

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is required…!!!

Sorry, possibly there is something lost in translation here?

City would be a required field. How does your address not have a city?

Maybe you can explain with a little more detail rather than two words that are out of context?

Is it a dropdown list and does not include your city? Can’t you type City?

@Tayfun, @mehmet

Yes, country is Italy and city are Aosta.

Hi Michel;
Aosta is not Italy a city for and Wikipedia.(

We use the city list by IP address provided in ICANN.
We can do it manual entered city name to next update.

@mehmet how it should be selected so Michel can complete registration? Aosta is definitely a Italian city :))

Maybe a province selection is required for Italian addresses so cities populated correctly.



Ok. I added manual Aosta City to Italy DB.

@Michel_Aimonino please try again select your city.


Mani Thanks :hugs: