Limit user role to acess only some areas of management

Hi! I really like SambaPos, but I’m facing the following problem, which is quite big to me:

I have created the user role Manager. I want him to be able to add inventory transactions, and create new products. In order to do this I gave him access to management screen, but without admin rights. I untick all the options I don’t want him to access, but even limited, he can access the users screen on management and give himself admin rights. He could even change my admin password and do not allow me to go inside the program if he wanted!

My question is: Can I limit the areas of management he can see with his user role, so for example he cannot access the user area? If not possible, is there a way in which he could create inventory transactions without accessing management?

Access to Management is all or nothing. Yes this is problematic when it comes to inventory transactions that need to be entered by staff.

…additionally we’ll have inventory transaction documents that works out of management on future updates.


Thank you very much for your replies. I’ll be waiting for this update then.

@emre is there any expansion on this in V5.
I would love to see the ability to restrict managment sections by user role.
As an example;
Admin - full access (as is)
Manager - Access generally as is but manage RESTRICTION TO say only Product List & Price List for example to allow a manager to have some managment access to add a new product but no access to actions and rules etc.
Staff - POS and ticket access only. (as is)

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