Limiting number of Items Sold

There two files of in the tutorial?which is the update one?

You could fix them if you wish. For the count parameter use a Static value instead of using a [?question].

They were both updated, but I deleted the latter one for clarity. Get the file from the first post.

Could you check, is not working well for me, i put static value ex. 300 put i can sell more than 300

Check what? It works as described.

Are you using the Automation Command to update the limits? Or do you use only the WorkPeriod Started Event?

Using the Automation Command will set the limit immediately. Using the WorkPeriod Started Event will only update the limit when you start a new WorkPeriod.

I put static value , and doesn´t work for me.

If you have it set as work period started it wont work until the next time a work period is opened

Show a screenshot of the Rule.

I fix it importing the zip file.thanks.Could i set limit to a group of product?like pizza, it does not matter the kind of it’ only the piece.?

Hmm, not sure - what do you think?

HINT: yes.

Doesn´t work well ,the limits quantity change ramdonly for diferent kind of pizza and sometime advice negative stock ex, -3.

Be careful how you setup your group codes.

What do you mean be careful ?i don´t have Items group code in [RU LI Order Cancelled Increase Item Count]thanks

You said:

I assumed you tried the Group Code constraint since you had asked about it. So if your issue is not the Group Code then can you explain this more.

I could´nt set up the group code .I have all kind of pizza in the group code (ENTERO) .So i set limit of pizza but when i select diferente kind of pizza it show that is in negative stock ex. i set 5 limit pizza, and select 2 muzzarella but show -5 pizza stock

You need to use a different group code for each of your pizza categories then

i don´t understand ,i have a group code named"ENTERO",inside the group are about 10 kind of pizza .I need to set limit for the ENTERO group .ex. i set 10 piece in ENTERO, so no matter which kind of pizza i select it might decrease the quantity of ENTERO group quantity because i use the same prepizza the topping no matter. .

Ok I see what your saying. Can you show your rule? You might need to change the setup I will study it and get back to you.

Something is wrong, I set limit for the product about 1000 pieces but some time reset automaticaly to less pieces and show the warning banner.

Cannot begin to guess what may be going wrong without some screenshots of your setup.

The problem is when setting limits in work started period, it work fine but when you press the set items limits in the automation command, all value of all products reset to the last setting value of the automation command ,so have to re-enter all products limits again, It doesn´t work individualy ,have to re-enter all products limits.