Linking two POS points

How to use one system for two points

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This is a very good question, I want to know too.

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If you mean two business locations then you need two licenses

Is it possible to sync specific entities such as Customers and their balances?

OK so please be more clear… are you wanting to connect multiple terminals or are you wanting to connect 2 stores? If you want to connect 2 stores you cant do that with 1 system. You can look at our Neptune product for that.

There is not a way to sync entities yet.

Its not possible by default, but you can achieve that by utilize SambaPOS API to sync these entities and their points.

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@Jesse , is there more information about Neptune which I can read up on?
I have a few clients who have multiple shops that would be keen to have a central location to manage multiple stores

Here is main page for it. 10. Neptune – SambaPOS Knowledgebase