List of events and actions

I have tried to search but couldn’t find a comprehensive list of rule events and actions and their variables.
I was thinking to compile a list of actions, their fields and when they are valid within a workflow and list of rule events with short description for quick reference and to familiarise with ones I’ve not used.
Sure I’ve seen list of event names/actions somewhere, if so can’t remember where I saw it or find it! Is there a list like this already somewhere?
If not will start a full comprehensive list and share but might need some help filling in some blanks.

There is not a comprehensive list of these. To be honest the best way is to just look at them from inside SambaPOS and simply try them out. Or ask us about them we certainly dont mind answering those questions.

A comprehensive list on paper might not be a bad idea if it had examples of use. None of us have had to time to build that as it would require an intense amount of time. We started documentation but only select few of us contributed so interest slowed on it.

Most people just want answers and want to be told exactly what to do very few actually participate unfortunately.

Unfortunate indeed.

I was going to start just a straight list on names as most are obvious, will start a topic and if anyone wants to contribute they can but if not I’ll just add to it as I use the actions/rules in my rebuild/while playing lol

If there was one clearly listed in the forum it would have been one of my first stops.

Perhaps if I start one and it works out it might get pinned on the tutorial category :wink: lol

I think it would be a good thing for newer users to have to hand and should be relatively easy to keep up to date adding new actions/events when added.

If you start one I cant promise ill contribute a ton to it because I prefer to use my time on other things… but I will certainly help you with it. We have a documentation forum category and even a wiki.

PS. if any of this relates to v5 we need to keep it inside beta forum for now.

No worries :wink: will take a while to start anyway.
Was going to start in v5 just encase.
Don’t expect huge input, I will start with what I know and leave blanks for what I don’t,
Contributions welcome, if not I’ll expand on it as my experience grows and covers the undefined ones…


There is a list of everything to do with Automation in the Wiki.

Specifically …

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Yes that is the documentation that is not finished yet. It is a wiki so if you feel like updating it them please be our guest. I should have linked it, thank you QMcKay for pointing that out.

Now I remember! I did find my way to this list but was disheartened to find many actions missing definitions.

I don’t see how you would edit… there is a login in top right??

My only concern is that I may not be completely accurate with some of my definitions.
Would it be acceptable that if I were to try and help finish this list I post my definitions and explanations within this topic so that perhaps they could be reviewed?
I’m sure @QMcKay will have some spelling corrections he might want to make lol :stuck_out_tongue: although I will proof as best I can (unfortunately i’m a numbers person rather than words) but most importantly what you agree with the comments so as to avoid confusing any users.

Create an account on the Wiki page, login, and do your edits.

Do it all in the Wiki - that is what it is there for. I don’t want to transpose information from the Forum to the Wiki. That has been done once already - the Wiki postings used to be Forum Topics and they were converted to Wiki documentation.

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OK, fair enough, will do my best over next few… months lol :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I can only see login, no register option anywhere.
Following a link to the wiki package website theirs has a register link under the login options on the login page, is registration enabled?

@JTRTech sorry for that. I’ve switched wiki to readonly to prevent spam. I’ll take care of it and notify you in few days.