Listing rules by action names

I’ve recently found something useful :slight_smile: We can filter rules by actions with that expression

=Actions.Any(Name.Contains("update order"))

Now I’m thinking for how to make this feature more user friendly.


Oh that’s cool so it is searching within the rules not just the rule names themselves, very nice.

I can’t remember how many people asked this feature (useful for action renames). Now I’ve realized it was already possible. I’m wondering when I’ve implemented that…


hahah probably one of the times when me and @qmckay were brainstorming you to death you probably turned your head and started on something else while we discussed 150 threads long.


That’s a great feature! I was just thinking a few days ago that this is something we should have…
I’m sure I won’t remember how to write that though, so it would be good to make it possible without having to type the whole thing…

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Maybe a friendly syntax like we have in other areas such as Products, where you can search using:


It could be:

actionname:update order
actiontype:start process

And perhaps:

event:application started