Liwasoft pretending to be a SambaPOS partner

If you are contacted by Liwasoft please do not do business with this company. These guys are purposely trying to ruin SambaPOS. The things they say and products they make are not supported by SambaPOS and most importantly it’s a real shame that they would produce such poor quality software and think that we would support it.

Their products are poorly designed products and do not reflect our values nor our high standards of design. They lie about us and what upsets me the most is how they seem to not care about Emre’s legacy.

Please help me and do not let these people tarnish the great product we have built as a community. SambaPOS is a company now but we will never forget the community and we will strive to always provide the best experience for our loyal customers and fans.

We have been very busy and will be releasing some exciting new products soon. @VehbiEmiroglu and his team have been working very hard. Covid slowed us down a little like it did everyone however I think everyone will really like what our world class teams have been building.

If you have been contacted by Liwasoft or one of the many aliases they have used recently and have questions please feel free to email me.


Here is a short demo of our new mobile client coming soon to iOS and android.

We have several other exciting things we are preparing to release.


Here is a peak at Neptune. It is a very big and important project and @VehbiEmiroglu has been leading our team and working very hard on it. I have to brag on Vehbi a little he does an amazing job leading his team. No ETA so please do not ask me about when it will release. We are working really hard to release it as soon as we can.


Good… hope it will be available soon.

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Will the problem with the items not being added to the ticket be solved? Remember, when an item added through the Mobile Client, it would print to the printer assigned but not added to the ticket. I am really looking forward to that.

We built an all new mobile client. It has nothing to do with our first one. I can say in my own testing I have not seen this behavior with the new app. If we do see it we will fix it ASAP

I hope you can understand we need to make good use of our resources to build these awesome apps. We have not been ignoring feedback. We do have to decide things like should we spend resources on something when we will be releasing a new app soon that replaces it.

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Also yes it works on phones. Here it is on my IPhone 12 Pro Max


So is it going to be a Web based like for like of full pos with all custom automation working?


It will work on Android or IOS and yes we aim for full POS functions. Some super advanced custom automations may not work right away you can imagine the complexity of supporting all of it right off the bat. But we will support most of it and keep improving it.


Is Neptune the Chain supporting POS?

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Neptune will allow you to manage multiple branches and chains from single dashboard.


Hi @Jesse,
Hope you doing okay.

Can we contribute to the Neptune project as a developer?

Thank You.

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I that is a question @VehbiEmiroglu would have to answer but I don’t think he is opening this up to public work. Our inside dev team is handling it.

This sounds good.I think it will work well with android handheld pos terminals as well. We can use the android pos terminals to take orders on tables and send it direct to the kitchen, print bill on the pos terminal and even settle depending on user rights.

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Just to be clear the New mobile client will fully support all payments and integrated payments partners.


Alright, I understand.

Thank you and best of luck.

In this time we dont want this. maybe next phases. Thank you

sure, I feel so happy to contribute to this Project.
Thank you.